How To Create A Facebook Fake Login Page-Fake Login Script

by Mike


Today I am going to show you,How to create a Facebook fake login page with fake facebook login script,For that not much Technical Knowledge required,By using 1 html page and 1 php script,You can easily create a Facebook fake page.Facebook and twitter is the leading social media websites in Web World.I am providing you both tool html page and php script,Just download both from download link below Before starting the tutorial.

Download From Here


Note: This Tutorial Is For Educational Purposes Only. I Will Not Be Held Responsibility For, If Any Person Use This For Any Wrong Reason .Use At Your Own Risk. I Do Not Recommend Hacking.

Let’s Start:-

How To Create A Facebook Fake Login Page-Fake Login Script

1.After download extract both file in a folder.This folder contain two files(index1.html,write.php) Your don’t need to change anything in those file,Both files are preconfigured.

2.Register a free Web hosting account on Website like :- or any other host.There many free hosting service providers available on web,you just need to find one.

3.Open your ftp host account and upload both file in root directory.

4.If you have done every thing right now access index1.html by using your hosting account url,like Its shows you a fake login page just like below:-


5.Now what happens,if a user enter his login id and password in this fake login page it’s automatically redirect user to original Facebook login page,And php file which you have uploaded with html file automatically create a txt file with the name of  passes.txt which contain user name and password of victim.

6. You can test Script yourself by entering some fake login- id password.

See how easy it is to create a fake facebook fake login page.

I have created a video for peoples who find trouble using above method now watch below video and enjoy Facebook Fake Login Page-Fake Login Script.

Now make fun with your friends by using fake facebook fake login page :) ,Do inform me if you face any problem regarding above tutorial.

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but any hosting sites not work well & did not make any pass.txt file dear y

Anuj Sharma

mate it’s working fine i checked myself


pass.txt where is it its not found dear

Anuj Sharma

Check my video


where is ur download link

Anuj Sharma

Download From Here


thanks sir,
but free hosting sites, you write in article, is not working. I was make an account in but they suspend my account after 1 day. Now I make an account with Will my account safe on

Anuj Sharma

yes mate

Syed Sharif

Hey dude plz inform me when u start your new blog on my previous question …. :0

Anuj Sharma


Anuj Sharma

very soon i am going to post a article on that keep coming


Hey, Its Awesome information about fake page.. thank you dude..


Anuj bahi ma na per account banaya lakin jab na wo files upload kar ka index wali file open ki to us site na mera account suspend kar diya aur ma na dobarra koshish ki lakin phir sa wohi hua …..:-(,,,,,,kuch idea k ma kia karo.


Anuj Sharma

try byethost9 mate

Syed Sharif

Sir i have downloaded the files and uploaded it to but now i cant understand what to do do…
Please help me…. :(
How can i use it hack others account ?????

Anuj Sharma

Syed very soon i am going to publish post on that keep visiting :)


hai anuj can you give me a list of website that work because i had tried many webhost but they doesn’t work


facebook instantly detected the fake page and asked me to change my password

Anuj Sharma

work fine for me


man everytime i download the file i cant extract them it says unexpected error i think the file is currpted

Anuj Sharma

bro i try it my self and found no problem regarding download,after extract its show’s both files.


Were will i find pass.txt and tell me a free web hosting site other than

because in these sites i couldn’t make my account

Anuj Sharma

try to search some free hosting websites in google.


Hey I have made an index.html and uploaded it to my site using phising…Now what i don’t understant is how to get password and were to apply it……

Thank You

Anuj Sharma

checked for pass.txt in your root directory.


Please give me some easy hosting site. byethost9 is not working for me.

Anuj Sharma

try 000webhost


When I click on “Download from Here” I get a zip file and file named fake-facebook on extracting it. No index or write.php files ?

Anuj Sharma

i have checked zip file and found no problem


hey dude how we can set the script so that we can get the username and password to our email id ..??
i am doing for a long time but dint get any way to do this so if u know than share it with me.

Anuj Sharma

sorry, i don’t have any idea about that :(


i got it to work but i can not find the txt file where the passwords are stored??? where do they go ? are they on the web hosting page?? thanks

Anuj Sharma

you can find txt file in your root directory.


sir can you please tell me other ways to hack a face book account…??


the facebook site detect the fake page and recomend to change the password!!!

Anuj Sharma

working fine for me


I am trying to make an actual website (the host is like this, and where it will send me the passwords and usernames. So I want to make basically the exact same thing except my friend does it from his computer.

Anuj Sharma

it’s create a file in your root with the name of need to send this page fake link to your friends once they enter there user name password in this page their password automatically stored in that txt file.


abhinav i tried testing it but al it saved was the write.php file but no password

Anuj Sharma

i tested again working fine for me please follow process carefully.


hai anuj….please can hack this for me…this facebook ID
( ) ….and send to me my email….thanks…jai ho…=)

Anuj Sharma

hi i am not promoting hacking,this tutorial only for education purpose.


Hey you,

all worked really fine but the problem is, I tried to log into my own account with the fake page, and facebook instantly detected the fake page and asked me to change my password. So this isn`t really the real thing if I want to send it to friends, they will know that this was just a joke, then change the password and I have nothin from it.

Anuj Sharma

I try above method again and Corinna its working fine for me :)


hi Mr Anuj

u forget to tell us what we should name the website we made ??
or should rename the index1.htm page … To make the victim click on the link :)

Anuj Sharma

HI,mate i think you have not read article carefully,site name would you your free or paid hosting name .index1.htm,Example your register with and you have upload both file in your root directory then your url address name will be xyz.zom/.index1.htm.


hello sir..

every thing is ok,
but ripway suspend my account when i upload those fake pages..

and want me to complete some surveys which is disgusting,

and a another site u tell in your article is also not working,

please help me out..

thank you..

Anuj Sharma


parmeshwar singh

i not like comments

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